Round 1 Formula Drift Pro Am Update! March 30, 2011 at 5:01 pm

I had been working like mad on the car to get it ready for the March 16th Pro Am comp. I didn’t leave my house from the friday night before the event til tuesday the day before the event cuz I was working on the car the entire time. But its all good, everything got done, the car looks and drives fantastic!

My Pro Am results were decent and I am happy with what I got for driving basically a new setup and a new course. I qualified 8th and then ended up with 13th place in the championship points after spinning both times in my tandem runs. The spins ended up being my clutch finally going out on me. After 3 years of abuse on that clutch, im ok with that!

Basically what it was doing was slipping when I was hard on the throttle. So instead of getting full throttle like I wanted I was getting like half the power, this in turn caused me to spin because it was as if I was completely letting off the gas and catching traction at the wrong time. O well time for a new clutch.

Here are some pics of the car as she sits now…

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