Thunder Drift Formula D Pro Am Round 4 tomorrow

Ok the time has come again for another round in the 2010 Pro Am series. I am usually hyped up about this, but this time it kind of seems like it’s just another link in the chain as opposed to a real chance at getting my Formula Drift license/Pro Am invite. Either way I will […]

Avatar re-release!

I went saw the Avatar re-release with new footage last night and I thought I liked the original movie a lot. The new footage explained so much that the original release did not… I can’t wait for the full movie Blu-Ray release later this year! The final scene with Tsu-tey was so much more fitting […]

8 days and a track day.

Well after 8 days of having no internet AT&T finally got our internet back up and running. It took 2 inside techs and 2 outside wire techs to fix the problem. It’s funny how much i really missed the net, and even more funny how much other people missed me having it. I guess it […]