New Things

Coming soon this site and another site will be coming together, so be on the look out for few changes to the site.

Formula Drift Pro Am Round 3 Video – Thunderhill

So this video is from Round 3, if you read a few posts back you know that I feel like I was judged unfairly at this competition for not even making it past qualifying. The video is of the competition only I am not in it all, but the unique aspect of this video is […]


Just got back from helping my dad out, earlier today a drunk driver hit my dad while he was riding his motorcycle… My dad is fine, he is bruised, cut, swollen and sore tho. So to all the DRUNK DRIVERS out there I would like to say to you… FUCK YOU!!!! YOU FUCKING WORTHLESS ASSHOLES!!!! […]

Late Video entry…

So here is a video from Round 2 of the 2010 Formula Drift Pro Am series, I took 4th place at this event. Sorry it’s a bit late… I know I have been lacking on blog entries for a while now. Anyways the video is more like a TV episode, so with that being said […]

Post 4th of July 2010…

Had a great 4th this year! Set off some good fireworks and had some great food too! I am glad that it was good day without any drama! I guess that’s what happens when you actually have good family and friends around you lol. Anyways that is all I have to report at this time […]

Thunderdrift Formula D Pro Am Series 2010

Well Yesterday I went to my 3rd competition at Thunderhill and basically got FUCKED! That is my general opinion on it, and I am entitled to it! Funny thing is there are a lot of other people who believe I got the shaft as well. So the way I feel about it is not just […]