Ok so my original blogging software stopped working right, so I had to kill it and install a fresh brand new version. Becacuse of that all the previous entries were almost lost but I managed to get them back. Anyways because of this all the previous posts to this will have 2 dates, one will […]


The past, present and future… It’s funny the way life turns and twists… how you can be happy one moment and sad the next. Someone from my past has contacted me and even though I thought it would be awesome to hear from them again I knew there would probablly be a price to pay. 10 […]


Tired of all the drama… Ok so I have had it with my so called family! Fucking no good assholes that don’t remember who helped them and where they came from. All they can do is fight and make drama from nothing. Since I moved out of my parents place a few years back it has been […]


My lung and Med7 in Roseville… Ok well some of you know what has been going on with me and some of you do not. For those that don’t I have been in the hospital with a collapsed lung. LOL now for most everyone they will ask how did it happen, was it from a […]


Ok so finally got internet at my new place, as well as still in the process of moving things from my old place to the new. So we’re still not 100% settled in yet, but about 95% at the moment. Busy is still the word for the new place since there is always something for […]


THE NEST HAS BEEN FLED! Lol in the words of my fool ass nephew who moved out before i did, I have fled the nest! So yea thats the great way to ring in the new year as some of you may have guessed. My girl and I moved in to a cool lil house […]


“And now for a taste of things to come…” LOL sorry had to quote an old movie line, but yea today started the first real preparations on the next big life change. So without saying too much I’ll let u know that in a few days that things will be very different!


Well so today I got some great news, not going to say what but its good news! Altho this will mean that i’ll be 100% strapped for cash the next several months, but on the upside the biggest problem in my life will no longer be a problem i will have to deal with on […]


Ok I’m ready for the rain to stop now. It’s funny how i get my license back a couple saturdays ago and its been raining since the day i got my license back. Never fails the moment i can go out and drive it rains so i can’t go out and drive. Ehh, that’s just […]


Well it’s Christmas day, and so far it’s been a good one! LOL *EVIL GRIN* hahahaha, anyways just wanted to say to eveyone out there Happy Holidays and relax, this is the time for people to kick back. No need to get all worked up over the lil stuff this time of the year. With […]