Post ASB 2009

Well it’s been a 5 days since ASB and I am still tired! lol, the event was pretty sick! However I honestly don’t care for that track very much, personally I think that Thunderhill is a much better track both in actual course layout and in the up keep of the track itself. I ended […]

All Star Bash…

Is this weekend, if you don’t know then educate yourself lol. Basically it is one of the best known and biggest drift event’s in the US. I would love to be drifting at this event but sadly the tranny in my car is still broke and also I am broke lol. Andrew however will be […]

Vegas has come and gone…

So I finally have some time to update my blog, I have been stupid busy since I got back from Vegas on the 13th. As soon as I got back I had to do 2 different swaps, so in the end I had no time to relax after getting back from Vegas. I basically worked […]

Vegas! Formula Drift! Woot!

WOOOHOOO!!!! Tomorrow afternoon Kelly and I leave for Las Vegas to watch the Formula D event and to run around causing trouble! hahaha This will be a much needed vacation for Kelly and for me is just another trip to Vegas to watch drifting… maybe one day I will make the trip and actually compete! […]