These are pics of my Big Bro Rodney, and his Beautiful bride Cristina, at their wedding in the Philippines. It took place in Olongapo City in April of 1998, at a resort called By The Sea.
Here is a pic of Cristina and Rodney, this was taken here in the states, prior to the wedding.
This pic is of my Beautiful Cuz Jenna and I at the wedding, To Jenna, I have to watch out for those PBA groupies!
This pic here is self explanitory!!!!!
Here are the brides maids chillin just before the wedding.
Here Kenny on the right, Foa in back and me to the left are about to throw Rodney in the water, we ended not throwing him in.
Here is a pic of Cristina and her GORGEOUS lil sister Malou, the lil boy and the baby that Malou is holding belong to Cristina's other lil sister, the lil girl is Cristina's daughter Krisha. To all the guys who are trippin off of Malou, it is too late she is already taken...Damn!!!!
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