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New Photo Galleries
JDMTheory Show San Francisco 5/22/2005
New Pics of The NSX 11/12/2004
Ricks Wedding 8/21/2004

Old Photo Galleries
Pics from Import Motion/Autorama here in Sac 2-7-2004.
More pics from my brothers wedding back in 1998 that I just found 7-8-2003.
Some quick pics I took of my Acura NSX 4-18-2003.
Random Pics I scanned 1-11-2003.
Pics from my boy Jahi's Birthday Party 12-14-2002.
Pic of a Bad Azz tommy Kaira Nissan Skyline 8-13-2001.
San Jose Night Scene 4-28-2001.
U won't believe what crawled onto my intake and died! Dec 2000
CMI Race 10-8-2000
Great America Trip.July 2000
All my school pics.82-95
Misc. pics of my Legend.98-99
Pics from my brothers wedding in the Philippines.April 98
Pics from my old job at MCI/Cable & Wireless.1997